Platform Notes: MacOS

Launching RetroArch

RetroArch is a popular emulator suite, but as it supports various platforms, it also requires a more explicit command:

open /Applications/ --args -L "path/to/core.dylib" "{file.path}"

where -L "path/to/core.dylib" tells RetroArch which core to use when running the game. For example:

collection: Game Boy Advanced
extension: gba
launch: open /Applications/ --args -L "/Applications/" "{file.path}"

game: Advance Wars
file: Advance Wars (USA).gba
developer: Intelligent Games
genre: Strategy
players: 4



If your directory names contain spaces, don't forget to wrap the parameter in quotes, eg.: "/my custom cores/mgba_libretro.dylib"


You can also add the launch field to games too, in case some of them require a specifix emulator to work.