Breaking changes

This page list the breaking changes that happened during the development, and how to update between the releases affected.

Alpha 15

Recently Pegasus was updated to support Android 10 and 11, and the way apps are launched had to be changed to work on all Android releases. Unfortunately, parameters starting with file:// no longer work, because Android itself does not allow them (you get a FileUriExposedException).

For most apps, you can fix this by just removing the leading file:// part from the launch command, eg. if you have -d "file://{file.path}", replace it with -d "{file.path}".

Alpha 11

Alpha 10 → Alpha 11, 2019-03. There have been several breaking changes related to the metadata file format and the theme programming interface.

What changed

How to update

Follow these steps for each of your game directories:

  1. Make backups of your collections.txt and metadata.txt files.
  2. Update the format: Open your metadata.txt in a text editor and copy its contents. Open the metadata converter page. On the left side, select Pegasus (alpha 10) -- metadata.txt and paste the contents to the text area. On the right side, select Pegasus -- metadata.txt. The results of the conversion will appear shortly. Copy the resulting text back to your metadata.txt file, overwriting everything that was in before it previously.
  3. Merge collections.txt and metadata.txt: Open both with a text editor, copy the contents of collections.txt and paste it somewhere into metadata.txt (doesn't matter where, but often it's more readable if it's on the top). You can now delete the collections.txt file.

Theme developers: You can find a summary of changes here.