All your games, in one place

Pegasus is a graphical frontend for browsing your game library (especially retro games) and launching them from one place. It's focusing on customizability, cross platform support (including embedded devices) and high performance.

A modern retro-gaming setup

Instead of launching different games with different emulators one by one manually, you can add them to Pegasus and launch the games from a friendly graphical screen from your couch. You can add all kinds of artworks, metadata or video previews for each game to make it look even better!

Full control over the UI

With additional themes, you can completely change everything that is on the screen. Add or remove UI elements, menu screens, whatever. Want to make it look like Kodi? Steam? Any other launcher? No problem. You can add animations and effects, 3D scenes, or even run your custom shader code.

Open source, cross platform, compatible with others

Pegasus can run on Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Odroid and Android devices. It's compatible with EmulationStation metadata and gamelist files, and instantly recognizes your Steam games!


*Note: No games or assets are included due to legal reasons.